Self Service

Self Service Setup


The Self Service Setup page allows the company administrator to assign and maintain an employee’s user name and email address that are used when the employee accesses the Employee Self Service website.


Configuring a New Employee

The preferred method of adding an employee to the Employee Self Service system is to enter a User Name and Email Address for the employee on this page, then press the Send Registration Email button.  For employees who do not have an email address or for those who prefer written instructions, you may give them a sheet of paper with login instructions.  To do this, enter a User Name for the employee and their Email Address (if applicable), then press the Create Enrollment Letter button.

When a registration email or enrollment letter is created, the system generates a random one-time use temporary password for the account.   This password is included in the email or on the enrollment letter, along with instructions for how to log in.

Note that during an employee’s first login, he must supply his SSN to the system as an added identity verification check, however, the employee’s SSN is not included in the registration email or the enrollment letter

Changing an Employee’s Password

If an employee has either lost his password or is unable to complete the ‘Forgot Password’ functionality, the company administrator must reset it.  To do this, either press the Send Registration Email or Create Enrollment Letter buttons on the page or you may opt to assign to or obtain from the employee their chosen password.  In the latter case, enter the chosen password in the New Password and Confirm New Password boxes, then press the Save Password button.



      User Name – The user name that the employee uses to log in to the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

      Email Address – The email address associated with this ESS account.  This email address is used to send enrollment emails.  In addition, the email address is utilized when an employee clicks the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links on the Self Service portal.

      New Password / Confirm New Password – Used for manually resetting an employee’s password.