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Administrative Assistant


Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy
Care Team Provider
Job Description
For the
Internal Medicine and Pediatric Clinic of New Albany
Job Description
The Need:
Patients’ need to be empowered to make informed health care choices to
effect a positive outcome on longevity and quality of life.
IMPC desires to be a leader in positive outcome data that is generated by the
promotion of disease prevention and minimizes disease progression while
utilizing population health strategies to do the greatest good.

General Expectations:
• Maintain state/national certification in the area of expertise and maintain in good standing with the Mississippi Medical Licensure Board.
• Participate in CME that will satisfy certification requirements as well as
increase the fund of knowledge that will enable the provider to provide
more comprehensive, cost-effective medical care.
• Obtain history and perform physical exams to formulate a differential diagnosis, treatment
plan and education for the presenting problem.
• When warranted, order diagnostic tests, including laboratory tests and
X-rays, that will aid in narrowing the differential diagnosis so the
proper treatment can be prescribed.
• The provider will perform a variety of simple procedures as needed to treat patients.
• Give injections, perform & interpret laboratory test (where qualified),
triage patients and assign rooms, should other staff not be available in
order to facilitate patient flow through the clinic.
• The provider will seek to utilize medications that are cost effective
and available for the patients specified condition.
• The provider will not utilize narcotics except in circumstances of
acute pain or other acute illness. No chronic pain management cases
will be undertaken which utilize narcotics.
• Antibiotics will only be utilized when warranted, as to limit bacterial
resistance and overuse of these medications. When deemed
appropriate the most cost effective and narrow spectrum medication
will be utilized. Many illnesses in our practice setting which present for
acute management are viral in nature. Thorough patient and
caregiver education with anticipatory guidance will often suffice.

• The provider will utilize a variety of formats to engage patients.
Telehealth, one on one visits, group visits, Home Visits and phone
visits are avenues that can be used to accomplish engagement
• The provider will lead in completing data inquiries for various
insurance companies so that gaps in care may be closed
• The provider will design and implement systems that maximally utilize
preventative health services for our patients. Examples : AWE,
Welcome to Medicare Exams, Color Me Healthy, Wellness Exams,
Healthy You!, Well child check ups, etc
• The provider will develop and implement outreach campigns to drive
patient engagement in an effort to educate and facilitate improving
negative health outcomes
• The provider will offer advanced care planning to those populations
desiring it     

 • The provider will maintain a minimum of Active Medical Staff privileges at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County located in New Albany, Mississippi or any successor facility so as to be able to treat patients in the hospital.

• Aprima is our electronic medical record that is used to capture clinical
encounters, telephone messages, and all other communication with
patients. The provider should maximally utilize this system to
provide thorough documentation of all patient encounters.
• The clinical content including patient information and physical exam
should be documented to the degree that it was actually performed.
This documentation should support the E & M code that is charged.
• Complete all charts within 72 hours of the encounter (unless waiting
on pathology or another test result that would affect diagnostic codes)
to allow for efficient patient billing.
• Should there ever be any concern over proper E & M documentation,
the provider will ask for the assistance of one of the Managing Partners
 and/or certified coders that are on staff of IMPC.
• All care provided and services rendered as an employee of IMPC will be
documented and billed by utilizing the EMR.

• The provider is part of the health care team of IMPC. Collaborative
agreements are maintained in accordance with state law with the
midlevel practitioners of IMPC. The provider is highly encouraged
to discuss any clinical case at any time with one of the midlevel practitioners if
direction in the proper diagnosis or treatment plan is needed.

Practice Improvement
• The provider will participate in activities that improve the overall
care of our patients as directed by the Managing Partners. This
may include, but is not limited to, chart audits, participating in patient
call backs, development of educational materials, EMR template
development & modification, etc.
Work Ethic
• As a primary care clinic, no job description is all-encompassing. As a
team, it is expected of all employees to go “above and beyond” their
job description.

Location - IMPC

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