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Assistant Principal

Yellowstone College Prep

Skills and Qualifications

The candidate must have:

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university; graduate degree, preferred;
  • At least 4 years of teaching experience with strong academic results;
  • Previous school-level leadership experience with progressive levels of responsibility (required); and
  • Educational experience working with families/students who reflect Yellowstone’s current demographics, preferred.


The Opportunity

As a member of the school leadership team, the Assistant Principal will play a critical role in Yellowstone’s growth and success. He/She will support character and academic outcomes for students; proactively establish strong relationships with teachers, students, and families; create an exceptional learning environment on campus by ensuring daily operations run seamlessly and with excellence; and daily model Yellowstone’s PRIDE values for teachers, students, and staff.


School Culture, Student Support and Management

The Assistant Principal will:

  • Create the procedures and programming that are necessary to achieve strong student attendance;
  • Assist in the development and implementation of an effective campus and classroom discipline/behavior management system that leads to strong school culture and student learning;
  • Assist in the creation and execution of a family handbook that outlines Yellowstone policies and clearly communicates expectations for staff, students, and families to follow;
  • Create a character development program that proactively teaches students and staff how to meet school-wide expectations that align to the values and mission of Yellowstone College Prep;
  • Teach and ensure staff are trained and consistently implementing advisory plans that align to the character development program;
  • Assist in the creation and execution of the school-wide quarterly character report card;
  • Working with the Instructional Support team, proactively identify and support staff who need additional classroom management coaching and development;
  • Under the guidance of the Principal, own the implementation of select school priorities in support of the school-wide vision;
  • Promote strong culture through the management of parts of the daily schedule (e.g. arrival/dismissal, substitutes, lunch/recess, school trips, extra-curricular school activities, school events, after school programming, facility maintenance);
  • Manage the collection and use of student/family records, data, and related information to ensure strong family engagement, communication, and appropriate privacy/confidentiality as required by law;
  • Act as the first Leadership Team contact on student intervention and parent engagement; determine next steps for issues that rise above the teacher/grade level/department; and
  • Manage and support Grade Level Chairs in their role through regularly scheduled grade level meetings, and frequent campus/classroom observations to ensure chairs are supported and aligned.


Parent and Community Engagement

The Assistant Principal will:

  • Build a strong working relationship with families to ensure there is an alignment between school and family expectations for student success;
  • Support the Principal in the creation and promotion of parent university trainings where parents can learn about the systems, curriculum, and school-wide initiatives;
  • Manage the tracking of parent engagement data to ensure Yellowstone is creating a campus culture where families are regularly updated on their student’s progress and given opportunities to engage with teachers and staff to support their child’s learning; and
  • Promote among the staff the need to involve and engage Yellowstone families in both positive and constructive ways in their student’s behavior, academic learning, and co-curricular activities.


Academic Support

The Assistant Principal will:

  • As needed, work closely with the Principal and Instructional Support Team to support and guide teacher coaching and accountability for classroom instruction and behavior management;
  • Serve as the testing coordinator for the annual administration of the Texas Education Agency’s STAAR test and related benchmarks by ensuring all staff are properly trained, testing material is secure at all times, and all state procedures and deadlines are followed and achieved;
  • As needed and directed, support the work of the instructional assistants and their daily schedule of responsibilities and expectations; and
  • Assist the Office Manager with the distribution of student progress reports/report cards throughout the school year.


Other Administrative Responsibilities

The Assistant Principal will:

  • Participate in weekly  meetings, conferences, and other opportunities to stay well-informed about current best practices in education and continue their own personal and professional development;
  • Work with YCP’s  leadership team to develop all-staff days and other school-wide culture building activities and meetings;
  • With the other members of the leadership team, serve as a daily exemplar of the Yellowstone Schools’ belief, mission, and values;
  • Perform other duties as required and assigned.



Yellowstone Values

Every employee at Yellowstone is committed to our PRIDE values:

Positivity: At Yellowstone, we smile first. We are a positive presence on campus and extend a good-natured grace and enthusiasm in all personal interactions.


Responsibility: We follow through on our promises and commitments. We own our actions and will never settle for less than our best effort.


Integrity: We demonstrate integrity in all circumstances and always put the best interests of the broader Yellowstone community first. We “walk the talk” and lead by example.  


Determination: We anticipate and overcome challenges. We are resilient in the face of obstacles and are committed to the success of every member of the Yellowstone community.


Excellence: We hold everyone (families, students, colleagues) to the highest standard of excellence and constantly look for ways to enhance the Yellowstone experience.

In addition, the Assistant Principal must be:


Passionate: enthusiastically committed to both the Yellowstone mission and to achieving extraordinary results for our staff, students, and families


Collaborative: a true team player who relishes the opportunity to lead and problem-solve with others, lead productive and effective meetings, readily engage in meaningful conversations, and genuinely celebrate and share other people’s successes 


An Excellent Coach: a “people person” with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills (both written and oral) who has a record of helping others achieve their personal and professional goals


An Excellent Project Manager: a hard worker with a strong attention to detail who understands how to set ambitious milestones, use data to guide decision making, can effectively delegate responsibilities, and can navigate a complex task/project from inception through to completion



Additional Notes

This position will include early morning, evening and weekend commitments as required and assigned by the Principal. This position will require the utmost level of discretion and confidentiality, as the Assistant Principal will have access to student files, staff files, and other related institutional documents that are confidential.



Application Process

To apply for the position, please send a letter of interest and resume to Jasmen Denton at Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, but we anticipate hiring this position quickly to align with the end of the school year. Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience.



Yellowstone College Prep does not hire nor release any individual, or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of the individual’s race, color, sex, or national or ethnic origin.  Nor do they limit, segregate, or classify its employees or applicants for employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect the status as an employee because of the individual’s race, color, sex, and/or national/ethnic origin.

Location - Yellowstone College Prep

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