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Social Worker

Yellowstone College Prep


Classification:    Full-time, Exempt

     Reports to:    Principal



Skills and Qualifications

A minimum of a master's degree in Social Work – 

Texas LMSW

2+ years’ experience in school social work (preferred)

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Compassion and empathy for students

Professionalism and discretion


Organizational Overview

Yellowstone College Prep (YCP) is open-enrollment public charter school currently serving 260 students in 5th through 9th grade. We are the community school preparing community leaders. At Yellowstone, we Inspire, Empower, and Invest in our students to achieve their highest potential and fulfill their intended purpose. Our model includes smaller class sizes and a culturally relevant experience that includes rigorous academics, strong character education, and a focus on parent and community engagement. YCP will grow by a grade level each year, eventually serving students in 5th-12th grade.


Yellowstone College Prep operates on a beautiful Third Ward campus built in 1926 that is less than half a mile from downtown Houston. As part of its unique program, YCP is co-located with Yellowstone Academy, a private Christian school that serves students in preK3 through 4th grade. This innovative public/private model is the first of its kind in the state of Texas. The Yellowstone Schools are governed by two separate Board of Trustees. They operate through a shared services agreement to leverage the Academy’s nearly 20 years of success and expand to serve close to 800 students in pre-K through 12th grade within the next five years.


Primary Responsibilities

The Yellowstone Academy teacher is the most important role on the Yellowstone campus. Through the teacher’s leadership, students will learn in a classroom environment that is academically rigorous, emotionally supportive, community-minded, and inspires excellence. Teachers must be knowledgeable in their content area, have a passion for working with students, and be ready to work hard on behalf of the Academy’s mission and our families. The teacher’s core responsibilities include the following:

Campus Social/Emotional Framework

  • Develop, maintain, and communicate a plan for effective delivery of the school social work program that will assist students in improving their academic, personal, and social functioning
  • Implement an effective referral and follow up process

Campus Culture

  • Be an advocate and change agent for the campus wide cultural framework
  • Provide crisis intervention services as needed
  • Implement school-wide Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports

Student Support

  • Implement developmentally appropriate and prevention-oriented (proactive) activities to meet student needs and school goals
  • Provide social skills, anger management, stress reduction, and other similar instruction to students experiencing social/emotional/behavior problems that interfere with their learning and/or the ability of others to learn
  • Conducts social assessments of students and maintains accurate record of contact
  • Support and create intervention and prevention plans for students with 504 & IEP behavioral needs

Teacher Support

  • Maintain an advocacy role to assure that the students’ educational, social, emotional, and material needs are met in accordance with established laws, rules, and regulations
  • Assist teachers in developing and implementing behavior management plans to remediate problem behaviors
  • Observe and provide strategies and feedback to teachers who may struggle with a specific student or need support
  • Provide leadership and collaborates with other educators
  • Support teachers in developing and delivering classroom activities and lesson plans
  • Implement developmentally appropriate and prevention-oriented group activities to meet student needs and school goals
  • Conduct classroom guidance lessons such as character education
  • Conduct small and large group activities based on PRIDE Values and schoolwide needs

Administrative Support

  • Collaborate and support school administration with the behavioral system, programming  and structures schoolwide
  • Conduct psychosocial assessments to assess familial, environmental, and academic factors that would affect a child’s social and emotional well-being
  • Educate administrators, teachers, and staff on social and emotional development of children and adolescents
  • Attend ARD meetings as necessary

Professional Development

  • Provide training and appropriate information to staff related to the comprehensive school social work framework
  • Attend PLC meetings and create a staff professional development plan that supports the achievement of the school social work program
  • Strive to maintain and improve professional competence. Participate in the development and support of the broad school vision

Family Support and Other Social Services

  • Coordinate workshops for parents for the purpose of assisting parents in maintaining a positive home environment and support the child’s educational program
  • Identifies patterns in student and family needs and provides information to students and parents about services available in the community
  • Serves as liaison between outside agencies and service being provided at the campus level- align with proper educational objectives


Physical Demands

Frequent moving about the school building to facilitate student management between classes; constantly operates a computer and other office equipment; frequent standing, talking to facilitate faculty or parent training or student instruction; Frequent exchange of communication with parents, students, and colleagues regarding behavior, academics, and other school business.



Yellowstone Values

Every employee at Yellowstone College Prep is committed to our PRIDE values:


Positivity: At Yellowstone, we smile first. We are a positive presence on campus and extend a good-natured grace and enthusiasm in all personal interactions.


Responsibility: We follow through on our promises and commitments. We own our actions and will never settle for less than our best effort.


Integrity: We demonstrate integrity in all circumstances and always put the best interests of the broader Yellowstone community first. We “walk the talk” and lead by example. 


Determination: We anticipate and overcome challenges. We are resilient in the face of obstacles and are committed to the success of every member of the Yellowstone community.


Excellence: We hold everyone (families, students, colleagues) to the highest standard of excellence and constantly look for ways to enhance the Yellowstone experience.


Compensation and Benefits

Compensation will be commensurate with qualifications and experience


Application Process

To apply for this position, please visit the Yellowstone website at www.yellowstonecollegeprep. Yellowstone will notify candidates if they are selected for the next round of the application process.




Location - Yellowstone College Prep

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