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Front Lead Receptionist


Division/Department: Front Office Staff
Location: IMPC, New Albany, MS
Job Title: Front Lead Receptionist
Reports to: Kay Ward, Office Manager
Type: Full-time
Hours 40/week 

General Description

  • Lead Receptionist Responsibilities/Duties: Responsible to oversee and support front desk staff while responsible for checking in and checking out patients during peak times.  Responsible to maintain high level of patient care and act as an educational resource for front desk staff.  Responsible to assist front staff where ever needed.  Responsible for daily front staff schedule.  Responsible to keep daily schedule up to date and re-assign staff as needed throughout the day.  Responsible for scheduling adequate Call Center staffing.  Responsible for the general flow of patients and assigning front staff and support staff to cover patient volume.  Responsible to provide guidance on front desk procedures and answer questions regarding protocol.  Responsible to help develop and implement training and education to train new staff.  Responsible to document performance of front desk staff and report this to the Office Manager.  Responsible to meet with management team to discuss personnel issues and address and solve problems among staff.  Responsible to keep patients informed of current status by informing them if provider has had to leave to go to hospital or other unforeseen issues.  Responsible for all regular duties as outlined in the Receptionist Job Duties listed below.  Provide exemplary customer service.  Maintain 4/5 Star Certification with Scheduling Institute.  Assist staff in achieving and maintaining their 4/5 Star Certification with Scheduling Institute.  Attend all Scheduling Institute Training Sessions.  Attend/Listen to Scheduling Institute Online Webinars, Coaching Sessions, etc. as necessary.  Complete Managerial Webinar training.  
  • Regular Receptionist Duties: Morning Duties: Unlock and open office at 7:00am, cancel night forwarding on phones, balance cash drawer, notify nurses from 6:30-7:00am when pt is ready over walkie (for morning person), make coffee and place in waiting rooms; Evening Duties: lock doors at 5:00pm and transfer phone to provider on call after last pt exits building, turn off TV’s, lights, and Xray computers, balance cash drawer, lock up money and encounter forms in safe, take chart backs to providers along with their daily mail, make sure sample closet is locked; Checking Patients In: verify address, phone numbers and insurance on existing patients, enter guarantor and patient information on all new patients, scan Drivers ‘ licenses, social security cards and insurance cards into medical billing, review all paperwork on new patients to assure that everything is complete and signed, collect copays, deductibles, and any amounts patient account representative has deemed patient responsibility (patients with no insurance must pay up front), prepare infant risk forms, put encounter forms into sleeves and give to pt to give to nurse when get to back; Checking Patients Out: schedule follow-up appointments, collect any payments, copays or deductibles not already taken, prepare payment agreements, print work/school excuses as needed, update all patient paperwork as needed; General Office Duties: answer phones and forward calls accordingly, schedule appointments over phone, prepare new patient packets, mail letters and reports prepared by physicians, mail no-show letters and medical records as needed, deal with drug reps, stamp and prepare mail for pickup, print encounter forms for next day of service, verify insurance and EPSDT days on those encounter forms; Miscellaneous Duties: rotate work late nights when needed, rotate work Saturday’s doing all of the above duties.

Work Experience Requirements

  • Two or more years customer service (required)
  • Two or more years experience in medical office setting (required)
  • Two or more years collection experience (preferred, not required)
  • Previous Managerial/Personnel experience (required)

Education Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Certification in collections (preferred, not required)

Location - IMPC

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